Wp Profit Builder Reviews

wp profit builder

Wp Profit Builder Reviews – No matter what your website’s purpose, your success depends on conversions.

High traffic can be a worthy goal, but all the traffic on the web won’t matter if none of your visitors buy your product, join your newsletter, or contact you regarding your services.

WP Profit Builder

WP Profit Builder

Expert marketers can spend hours designing, testing, and tweaking a single landing page in order to boost their conversion rates… but not all of us can afford to spend hours optimizing a single page.

You could save your time by getting a professional to style a high-converting website landing page for you, but custom designs can be prohibitively expensive. Many people just don’t have the budget to pour all that money into a single page on our website.

So how could you increase your conversions without spending a huge selection of hours or dollars?

That dilemma is precisely what prompted online marketer Sean Donahoe to develop WP Profit Builder. Frustrated with costly and clunky solutions to building landing pages, he designed a plugin to really make it quick and easy to make highly effective and professional-looking landing pages, without breaking the bank.

WP Profit Builder Review

WP Profit Builder Review

What exactly is WP Profit Builder?

WP Profit Builder Reviews is a WordPress plugin for creating landing pages. The plugin includes professionally designed templates for a variety of page types, along with a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to easily build your own layouts or customize any one of the included templates.

The plugin works with any theme, so you don’t should redesign your entire website in order to use it. However, it also comes with a optional theme you can use.

WP Profit Builder Reviews includes a library in excess of 60 templates you can use and modify, with new templates continuing to become added.

And also the templates aren’t all landing pages. Additionally, there are templates for:

Home pages

About pages

Member portals

Coming Soon pages

Local marketing pages

Webinar pages

Product review pages

Affiliate pages

FAQ pages

Testimonial pages

…and more

WP Profit Builder Review features

There are many WordPress plugins and themes out there for building landing pages, what exactly sets WP Profit Builder apart?

Here are a few of the features that impressed me:

It’s quick, easy, and self-explanatory (you can literally install the plugin and publish a professional-looking web page in less than a few minutes)

Includes 60 templates from which to choose for all sorts of pages, with new designs continually being added at no extra fee

Modify and customize any template, or build up your own on your own using the drag-and-drop editor

The live preview feature allows you to see precisely what the page may be like without having to keep switching browser tabs

Includes lots of different modules for the drag-and-drop editor, including text and pictures, video and audio embeds, countdown timer, buttons, pricing tables, testimonials, graphs and charts, etc

Add background videos to any page

All designs are responsive and designed to look great on any size screen

Tons of integrations including MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, Paypal, Clickbank, GoToWebinar, WooCommerce, and much more

Here’s a huge one: there’s just a one-time charge; no monthly or annual fees, with a 60-Day 100% money back guarantee

Developing a landing page with WP Profit Builder Review

All right, let’s take this plugin to get a test drive.

After installing the plugin, you’ll visit a new menu option toward the bottom of your WordPress dashboard: “Profit Builder.” Click on that, and you’ll begin to see the WP Profit Builder menu:


Click on the last menu item, “Templates Management.” Here you’ll see all the templates in the library.

In order to use your template choice, you’ll need to install it to your blog first by clicking “Install” beneath the thumbnail:

All right, now that we’ve installed our chosen templates we can create our website landing page. In the WordPress main menu, click on “Pages > Add new,” just like we’re going to put in a regular page to the site.

You’ll see that there are new options here. Next to the Visual or Text editor options is a new “Profit Builder” option.

Enter a title and save the page as a draft, then select that red “Profit Builder” tab. You’ll see newer options appear in the text editing box:



Now you’ll view your page live, plus two new menus along the top and left side in the screen.

Towards the top of the screen, you’ll see options to save your valuable page, save the page as a new template, preview the page, etc. Over the left in the page are icons representing all the modules you can add:


You can easily add any of these modules to the page by dragging the icon from the menu and placing it around the page.

To make use of one of our installed templates from earlier, click “Load Page” in the top menu, then on the “Load Template” tab. Once you’ve chosen your template, it is possible to edit, copy, or delete any part than it:

WP Profit Builder Reviews

When you’re done, just hit “Save Page” at the top. Or, you can save your page as a new template.

Documentation and support

WP Profit Builder launched fairly recently in 2014. At the moment, the sole documentation available is several video tutorials that come with the plugin. This can be a downside depending on how you like to learn – I prefer to see written documentation myself, which means this was a con for me. But if you like learning from videos, it shouldn’t be a problem.

You can request customer support in the WP Profit Builder website, but there are no community forums yet. I came across the plugin pretty self-explanatory and user friendly, but it’d be nice to have forums in case I got stuck and didn’t would like to wait for support.

This is still a pretty new plugin, so hopefully in the foreseeable future they’ll add written documentation and community support forums soon.

WP Profit Builder Reviews

WP Profit Builder Reviews

Is WP Profit Builder right for you?

I do believe anyone who will benefit from higher conversion rates must look into a landing page plugin like WP Profit Builder.

Specifically, in the event you are…

Building an email list

Running an ecommerce site

A professional blogger

An online marketer

A product reviewer

…then a landing page plugin is an investment that could really save you time and boost your revenue.

Is WP Profit Builder the proper landing page plugin for you, or should you try another?

OptimizePress is another popular landing page plugin. I’ve tried it as well, and extremely liked it. OptimizePress has fewer templates than WP Profit Builder out from the box, but is an older and more established plugin with better documentation. It is quite a bit more expensive, however, there are yearly fees if you would like continued updates and support.

In comparison, WP Profit Builder is much less expensive, and comes with a lot more templates. However, it’s still quite new and it appears that the customer support hasn’t hit its stride yet.

The charge will probably be the key issue for most people. If that’s your priority, WP Profit Builder will save you a lot of money since it’s not only much cheaper, but you will find no yearly fees.

Click this link to learn more about WP Profit Builder.

(You can check out more landing page plugins within a previous post, 5 Powerful WordPress Plugins That Make Website Landing Page Creation Easy.)


User-friendly drag-and-drop page editor

Packed with tons of templates for all sorts of pages

Comparatively inexpensive without yearly fees


Documentation and support are a bit lacking up to now

WP Profit Builder Review

Summary: WP Profit Builder is undoubtedly an inexpensive WordPress plugin which enables building beautiful and high-converting landing pages simple and fast.


Two days ago I purchased WP Profit Builder by Sean Donahoe. I had been seeking a landing page creator anyways however when a friend asked for help with his website, I needed incentive to appear again and picked this particular one.

I have Optimize Press 2. which I think is ok. I’d grade it a B. But the developer package is 5 licenses for $250 and you have to keep up an active license which I’m almost certain means more money. Also, the free template selection is shallow and they want you to spend $17/month for access to more.

I hate paying monthly for stuff. I usually strive to buy products with no recurring charges. This is why I wouldn’t opt for LeadPages or another type that didn’t have an upfront price.

Enter Donahoe. While researching, I saw someone on the Warrior Forum mention WP Profit Builder and checked it out.

The sales page for doing it looked great and the templates were very sharp. Also, he possessed a one-time cost of $67.67 which happens to be pretty damn cheap considering Instabuilder is $197. By the way, I’m only checking out developer’s licenses.

The only drawback was the pitch. For some reason Internet Marketers nowadays think it’s a good idea to autoplay their sales video. It is not necessarily.

So the video autoplayed and i also got to hear Donahoe explain that I could create “guru” style webpages about 5,000 times. He was trying to sell it so hard which it made me not want to buy.

Nevertheless the product looked great plus it didn’t have monthly fees so it overcame his overbearing and unconvincing sales pitch.

Custom Building

I’ve experienced IM since 2007 so I’m pretty quick to get stuff. WP Profit Builder is really a plugin for WordPress that you can make in a “theme” on the page.

I couldn’t discover how to make it work simply by opening it up but by skipping with the instructional videos, I found the relevant parts and got rolling. It probably took me 25-45 minutes to get to where I was customizing a template.

There were two things that I thought could be improved while building my page.

First, I couldn’t add shadow or even an outline towards the font. Granted, this is a luxury but it could have been nice.

Edit: Upon further review, you can probably add a shadow with HTML code via the WP open editor.

Second, the dragging ability is extremely shaky. I tried to drag two different objects and struggled to advance them where I wanted both times.

Final Product

The page I created looks great. There have been a lot of beautiful templates from which to choose and I could modify anyone to look very high quality.


The first problem I ran into was my landing page wasn’t responsive for mobile that was weird because PB has little icons in the studio dashboard where one can see how it appears from different views.

Other people had a similar problem. The answer was easy. A guy posted in the Warrior Forum that all you have to do is increase the line size to fit the words size. Incredibly, that was all of that prevented the page from being mobile. Problem solved.

Loading speed?

It loads very slow (at least to my scrutinizing eye). There’s no other strategy to put it. I’ve tested my friend’s site on two different laptops and two different phones and it also takes forever to load.

My download speed is 34.12 Mbps (just tested on SpeedTest.net).

Also, I’m using Site5.com (with all the hostPro Turbo plan that accompany a dedicated IP) as the host for my friend’s site and I set the servers to Dallas which is about 20 minutes from me.

Moreover, I’ve installed the following plugins to improve performance: WP-Optimize, WP Performance Score Booster, W3 Total Cache, WP Smush, and BJ Lazy Load.

I can’t tell you what exactly each does or if they overlap nevertheless they were recommended by various blog posts.

I’ve also tested it on WebPageTest.org with horrible results.

And also this all adds up since WPProfitBuilder.com itself takes forever to load.

Clear your browser and visit WPProfitBuilder.com. If it loads at a good speed, then perhaps it’s just me.


The loading speed bothers me. The page builder is extremely well done. To the price, all the features and controls are amazing.

Although the plugin slows the page down a great deal. What I will say in PB’s defense is that neither the InstaBuilder or OptimizePress homepage loads that quickly.

With that said, I’m not sure if elaborate landing pages can even load at lightening speed but from my experience WP Profit Builder is going to be running at the back of the pack. My OptimizePress sites are noticeably quicker and they’re on Hostgator shared hosting.

Slow hurts but neither my girlfriend, my sister, or my dad thought the wait was extraordinarily long so take that into account as it’s possible I’m obsessing with the speed. If you have any experience with good or bad loading times, please comment below.

May 20 edit: I’ve used this theme for a few more sites and it’s loading fine. The fully animated page might have slowed it down for that initial site but now that I’m using static pages, there are no problems.

I’ve had some difficulty editing parts of the templates and incorporating some elements and also for the price, WPPB is a steal. You can legitimately build a nice looking 1-page website quickly. I’m thrilled with the purchase.

Update: My friend’s website is noticeably slow. I may be missing something or it can be the theme I’m using but it’s slow. 5.18s load time on Pingdom.


He’s got two upsells.

First, before we get into them, I hate just how IMers are deceptive about upsells. It’s the same song and dance every time:

IMer: Please buy my product, it’s the best ever!

You: Ok, fine. I’ll test it.

IMer: Many thanks for buying but my product really isn’t the greatest until you get this for the next $67.

You: Well, I guess so. But I thought I was getting the greatest before.

IMer: Just one more thing, buy this from me too! It’s extra super cool!

You: Did I just get scammed?

Lots of bad stuff has come out of the Warrior Forum/ early Internet Marketing era and this garbage is one of them.

And it’s not just Donahoe. All of them do this.

To Marketers: To create a lasting business, build trust! You lose a notch of respect every time you pull this BS. Could it make more money? Yes, but it’s a short-term burst.

Upsells are fine. Everybody has them. Head to Chipotle and they’ll attempt to upsell you with chips and a drink every time. The issue is when you hide the upsells and then surprise people with them as an obstacle to get the product they just bought and/or you are making the product appear like it has something it really doesn’t without the upsell.

Back to PB, I had read about the upsells ahead of time from this guy (only person I saw who actually detailed them) and decided to go ahead and get them.

I haven’t done enough with the extra plugins and theme to offer you a worthy review but they look decent.


If loading speed wasn’t an issue, I’d give WP Profit Builder an A . It’s cheap. It creates beautiful pages. It’s not buggy. A possible problem is it’s so damn slow.